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Tan Paints the Tenderloin



“A Thai immigrant finds creative inspiration and a new home in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. The Tenderloin will make an appearance at the SF Shorts Film Festival, thanks to the heartfelt film “Tan Paints the Tenderloin.” The film is centered around Tan Sirinumas, a Thai immigrant who finds creative inspiration and a new home in the Tenderloin. Tan was recently featured in our TLTogether series, designed artwork for some of the new Bigbelly trash cans, and is a go-to artist in the neighborhood.

Starring – Tan Sirinumas, Directed & Edited – Matthew Bunker,

Cinematography – Ryan Matthew Hagerty Moore

Producers – Matthew Bunker & Helen Bean

Composer – Dalton Corr

Color & Finishing – Neal Kumar Moorthy

Assistant Camera – Benjamin Rehm & Zack Fuson

Grip – Jessica Schlegel

Production Assistant – Adriana Abrams-Wolffsohn

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