Originally from Thailand, Eakapong Tan Sirinumas is a full-time, community-based artist who primarily works with clay, acrylics, pastels and found materials to create images focused on local San Francisco architecture. Themes of personal struggle, urban decay, spiritual renewal and the struggles of finding home in a complicated urban environment resonate throughout Tan’s works. His pieces are a meeting of raw artistic material and laser engraving technology, brought together to create multi-layered, three-dimensional paintings that pay homage to the history of San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods and communities.
During the past four years, Tan has been resident and contributor to the Hospitality House community arts center, a free art space helping low income and homeless Tenderloin residents to instill strength and self-empowerment through artistic expression. He is a fellow of the Wildflower Institute, a cross-cultural community activism group that works with fellow Tenderloin artists and residents to create local artistic pride and inspire, strength through neighborhood support.
"I see the Tenderloin as a place that has many layers of history and diversity, a place that constantly inspires me to learn more about how art can heal and reveal who we are as a community."
In 2013 I first began my involvement with several neighborhood organizations through my contact with the Hospitality House Art Community Center. Shy at first, I began taking some of the classes offered at the Hospitality House studio. I started with workshops on the use of clay, silkscreening and painting. Eventually, I began to feel more comfortable speaking with other members. I enjoyed discussing art and hearing positive feedback on my work, something which was very new for me. Art became a way for me to be with other people. As I continued to invest myself in the Hospitality House, I began to notice a shift in my own psyche. I truly began to see how art can heal us. I began to see how art can build relationships with other community members. I could slowly begin to see that there was a flower blooming within me. It was almost as if a voice began to rise up inside of me - and I began to see that I could use my voice to inspire others and help others open up the beauty within themselves.

It was through my contacts with the Hospitality House that I was then introduced to the Hidden Gems project and I began to develop a sense of exploration for my own neighborhood. In 2014, I  became a member of the Wildflower Institute as well as the Tenderloin People’s Congress in 2015. These decisions very much drove me out of my comfort zone in terms of making art. It made me curious about the people in my community and at the same time, I came to realize that there are so many buildings in the Tenderloin from which to draw inspiration for my art. I love design and architecture and I wanted to show how the current situation in the Tenderloin, the temporality, the vulnerability, the influence of wealth, culture and history, became representative of the people who lived here. Not only that, I wanted to show the beauty that existed in the Tenderloin. I want to preserve that culture and history; and I want to preserve that beauty.
Through my realtionships with these various organizations, I have begun to challenge the confines of my own work. I have begun learning and experimenting with different technologies to create unique ways of approaching my art. I have begun to integrate the use of laser technologies and bring in many new types of materials, including clay, paper, wood, metal and fabric. Today, I am working to introduce the meeting of fine art and new technologies to create unique and dynamic art forms that can be presented for a wider audience.

After the past few years of making art and exploring myself, I am really able to see my own place within my community. I have developed my skills to a new level of confidence and I feel it is time to present my work as a series. I realize that one of my goals is to express myself in a more dynamic way to my community and to the larger world. I want to contribute my work as a sign of appreciation to the various organizations that have supported and nurtured me and it is my hope that as new people come in and see my work, they will see something in themselves.
The Hospitality House is a place for new beginnings, both artistic and emotional. It is a place to contribute to your community and find a place within that community. The Hospitality House is a safe place to explore yourself and discover your talents, a peaceful place to contemplate where to go from here. My goal for a solo exhibit is to display how these many positive influences have contributed to my artistic progress.

Past training/education/exhibitions:  In 2015, my collage work was chosen for the annual live auction for the Hospitality House. Also in 2015, I was one of the awardees chosen for the Hidden Gems in the Tenderloin Project; the work was then exhibited at 236 Space Gallery. And in 2016, my work was chosen to be a part of the silent auction to raise funds for the Hospitality House.

Some recent clients include Tilden Hotel, Zendesk, Wildflowers Institute, Group i, TNDC, Faithful Fools, De Marillac Academy, and many indiviual San Francisco residents.