Bigbelly Smart Trash Can
Bigbelly Smart Trash Cans in the Tenderloin, San Francisco

The Tenderloin Community Benefit District (TLCBD) has added over 60 Big Belly Smart Trash Cans to the Tenderloin neighborhood and collaborated with local artists to display their art - using these smart bins as their canvas. In their initial invitation, the TLCBD asked for designs that were beautiful, colorful, inviting and inspired neighborhood pride.


TLCBD sought one design from each artist which was then replicated on about 10 trash bins throughout the Tenderloin neighborhood. My artwork got selected to be part of this Big Belly project through Hospitality House Community Arts Program (CAP).

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Originally from Thailand, Tan Sirinumas is a full-time, community-based artist who primarily works with clay, acrylics, pastels and found materials to create images focused on local San Francisco architecture. Themes that resonate throughout Tan's work are those of personal struggle, spiritual renewal and the beauty inherent in a complicated urban environment. His pieces are a meeting of raw artistic material, hand painting and laser engraving technology, brought together to create multi-layered, three-dimensional works that pay homage to the history of San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods and communities.