Barley Sculpture at Block Fest

Originally from Thailand, I have been living in the Tenderloin district for nearly ten years. As a child in Thailand, I used to enjoy the scenery of tall grasses and rice fields. Though I spent much of my time in Bangkok growing up, whenever I returned home to the countryside to see my family I would drive through the fields and feel the calmness of nature and a gentle reprieve from the city. Here in San Francisco, I have found that the use of nature’s materials brings a return to this sense of calmness and home. I create sculptures using barley and other natural fibers, deconstructing each plant stem and reworking them into new geometric forms. Each sculpture features the organic nature of its original form, but with an explosive energy that summons something new and dynamic.


Project: The Artist Activator public art opportunity is for artists working in and with the communities of the Tenderloin, or with interest in doing so. Artist Activators will partner with CounterPulse, Central City S.R.O. Collaborative (CCSROC) and Tenderloin residents to design projects to feature at a monthly Block Fest on Turk Street between Mason Street and Taylor Street. Every first Friday of the month from 3PM-4:30PM CounterPulse, CCSROC, and Artist Activators will animate the block with art, culture, and community with Block Fest. We hope to celebrate what makes the Tenderloin special, elevate underheard community concerns, and engage our neighbors in art-making and sharing.