Growth, Power & Healing in the TL

Growth, Power & Healing in the TL

Hospitality House Community Arts Program (CAP) 1009 Market St, San Francisco, CA

April - May 2017

Using clay, acrylics and paper, Tan creates rich images of Tenderloin architectural designs that evoke the beauty of the neighborhood along with its unique style and history. “Beauty in its own way and the kind of aesthetic that many people may not at first recognize". Tan relates to the diversity and mix of cultures in the neighborhood, as well as the things that exist beyond the surface. It’s the diversity here that allows him to thrive. He imagines that these buildings have eyes - that they've seen many struggles, that they have seen suffering and that they have seen sadness. In his art, he connects with these emotions, but also with the strength and solidarity that have come through and that has allowed people to find beauty and the support of one another.”  

Geometric lines and reflective mirroring allow the viewer to enter these buildings and invites them to see into each building’s history and uniqueness. The artist superimposes photographs of the Tenderloin neighborhood onto clay using lasers to etch a textured 3D image that invites you to feel and connects with these buildings. His work is then developed with many layers of color painted by hand that have been worked and reworked, building upon building, layer upon layer. 

A recipient of the Wildflower Institute’s Fellowship Program, Tan Sirinumas has been working with fellow Tenderloin artists

and residents to create an artistic community that inspires strength through community support.