Hidden Gems Award 2015: Discovering the creative spirit and healing of the Tenderloin

ART & CULTIURE  /  13 NOV 2015   /   AWARD
"What Layer": 3D paper collage, 13 x 13" inches, 2016
​Originally from Thailand, Tan brings to his creations a dedicated attention to detail and an immense love for his natural surroundings. Utilizing found materials like branches, dried flowers, and plant fibers, combined with paper artwork and photography, Tan creates 3-D collages and sculptures which work to articulate the meeting of nature and design. His works are meant to highlight the elements in his urban environment that give him a sense of fulfillment and a feeling of being at home.

Working closely in alliance with several community organizations, Tan credits the Hospitality House with providing him a place where he can find learning and a peace of mind. He says it is through places like the Hospitality House that he has had the opportunity to develop his skills and explore himself through his artwork. Tan sees the Tenderloin as a place where there are many layers of history and diversity - and where, even though change is inevitable, there is always a place that remains where he can call home.

The New York Times
Wildflowers Institute
Kelly Cullen auditorium