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Block Fest at CounterPulse: Neighborhood Arts Activation

Project Type

Community Engagement




CounterPulse, San Francisco

Join Artist Activator Tan Sirinumas at Block Fest, an arts activation event at CounterPulse! Tan will demonstrate the creation of a live barley sculpture, bringing nature's materials into artistic play. This free event occurs every first Friday of the month from 3PM-5PM and is a celebration of the Tenderloin's creative spirit. Tan Sirinumas, originally from Thailand and now residing in the Tenderloin, uses natural fibers like barley to craft intricate sculptures that embody both nature's calmness and dynamic energy. This event is an opportunity to engage with the art process, explore natural materials, and experience the synergy of creativity and community in the heart of the city.

Engage with the art process and create personalized creations using wheat barley and natural fibers. Tan's sculptures are born from dismantling each barley stem, revealing natural color and beauty that evoke a sense of home and peace. Tan's inspiration from the Thai countryside's serene landscapes is reflected in the vibrant energy of his sculptures, connecting city dwellers with nature's forms for healing and self-expression.

This event is part of the ongoing collaboration between CounterPulse, Central City S.R.O. Collaborative (CCSROC), and local artists like Tan Sirinumas. The goal is to enliven the neighborhood with art, culture, and community engagement during Block Fest, fostering creativity, dialogue, and a celebration of the unique spirit of the Tenderloin.

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