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TLCBD’s Tenderloin Big Belly Neighborhood-Wide Expansion

Public Art

The Bigbelly Project in the Tenderloin neighborhood aims to enhance trash disposal with 68 new solar-powered stations, featuring real-time updates, secure design, and neighborhood-specific art.



Creating Better Public Trash Receptacles.

Project Overview: The Tenderloin neighborhood lacks enough trash bins compared to other busy areas in cities. Challenges like poverty and health issues, combined with poor trash bin designs, lead to overflowing bins and mess. This affects people and cleanliness.

Tenderloin Community Benefit District (TLCBD) is making a change by improving the trash bin program. They're adding 68 new, strong Bigbelly stations in the Tenderloin, one at each corner. This shows that trash belongs in bins and keeps sidewalks cleaner. These bins are solar-powered and have SMART technology to update when they're full. They're also secure. Each station will have local art to make the area nicer. This builds on a pilot project from 2018-2019 and has support from the Mayor's Office, Supervisor Matt Haney, and other partners.

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