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The Tilden Tuesdays Art Program, held at the Tilden Hotel, showcases the captivating artistry of Tan Sirinumas and his commitment to community collaboration. This program came to life in 2017 when Tan Sirinumas joined forces with fellow artist Jesse James Johnson to create a remarkable series of paintings for the hotel's lobby and coffee shop. Their artistic vision was ignited by the poems "Stargazing" and "San Francisco," and these poems seamlessly transformed into visually stunning artworks, gracing the hotel's spaces with an air of intrigue and wonder.

Renowned for his dedication to collaboration, Tan Sirinumas consistently brings together a diverse group of artisans, championing local poets and artists by showcasing their talents. The Tilden Tuesdays Art Program goes beyond the surface, inviting hidden neighborhood poets to share their creations with city visitors. The collaboration extends to the realm of words and imagery, celebrating the profound synergy between poetry and visual art.

Featuring acclaimed poet Jesse James Johnson and guest poets Charles Curtis Blackwell, Dorian Dorey Rhodes, and Windy Click, this event epitomizes the dynamic fusion of poetic expression and visual creativity. Tan's artistic medium includes clay and acrylic on wooden panels, enhanced by laser technology to bring poetic inspiration to life in captivating imagery.

A recipient of the Wildflower Institute's Fellowship Program, Tan Sirinumas actively contributes to fostering an artistic community in the heart of the Tenderloin. His collaborative efforts with fellow artists and residents cultivate strength and support, all united by their shared passion for the transformative power of art.

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Tiden Hotel, San Francisco

Tilden Tuesdays Art Program at the Tilden Hotel: Collaborative Poetic Imagery

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