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Amid the challenges of 2020's pandemic, the Svane Family Foundation exhibited unwavering support for Bay Area artists by investing $1 million in 100 local talents. This remarkable initiative culminated in the Ark Exhibition, a curated collection of 100 new artworks, each symbolizing the enduring spirit of these artists. Among them, Tan Sirinumas stood out with his captivating piece, "Electric Cities."

"Electric Cities" is a mesmerizing collage that blends global architectural scenes into a harmonious whole. Crafted using acrylic paint and modeling compound on wood, this artwork offers a captivating view of urban landscapes. The intricate layering of colors and textures evokes a vibrant cityscape that comes to life when illuminated, especially in the enchanting hours of the night.

Hailing from Thailand, Tan Sirinumas has been a valued member of the Tenderloin community for over a decade. Guided by his journey through the Hospitality House Community Arts Program, Tan honed his skills and found profound joy and purpose in his art. His participation in the Ark Exhibition not only showcased his talents but also celebrated his deep connection to the community.

The Ark Exhibition shines a light on the resilience and creativity of Bay Area artists, showcasing their ability to turn challenges into sources of inspiration. The Svane Family Foundation's decision to donate all auction proceeds to ArtSpan, a local nonprofit dedicated to fostering an inclusive art community, underscores the power of art in nurturing both culture and community.

Tan Sirinumas's contribution to the Ark Exhibition adds a significant chapter to the narrative of Bay Area artists. Through "Electric Cities," he tells a story of personal growth, community bonds, and an unwavering commitment to a brighter artistic future.

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Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

"Electric Cities": Tan Sirinumas's Contribution to the Ark Exhibition

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