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I am deeply honored to witness my artwork, titled "Safe Passage in the TL," being transformed into awards for the "Champions of Change" event hosted by @TLCBD, the Tenderloin Communities Benefit District, on May 4th, 2023.

This artwork symbolizes a unique program called "Safe Passage" within San Francisco's Tenderloin District, which is dedicated to creating safer routes for children and families. Devoted volunteers, known as "Corner Captains," stand watchfully along these routes during school commute hours, providing a reassuring sense of security. Beyond establishing secure pathways, this initiative aims to uplift the entire community by advocating for cleanliness and enhanced safety measures.

The origin of this piece holds a meaningful narrative: In 2022, I was commissioned to create the original art for Kate Robinson, the cheerful woman with glasses holding a stop sign in the center of the artwork, as she departed from TLCBD. I'm overjoyed to announce that she has returned and now assumes the role of their Executive Director.

Project type

Commissioning Art

Safe Passage in the Tenderloin

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